SW Montgomery Green Street Concept Plan

Portland, Oregon

Building upon four decades of planning by the City, Portland State University, private developers, and businesses, Nevue Ngan Associates’ nine-block green street concept plan is a showcase of extensive stormwater strategies and highly pedestrian-oriented redevelopment along a corridor that passes through Portland State University and into the emerging neighborhood along SW Montgomery Street.

A signature element is a 5-foot wide “stormwater spine” to funnel runoff along the corridor. Pedestrians cross at low-profile metal grate bridges while water underneath flows uninterrupted. Stormwater swales, planters, green walls, green roofs, surface stormwater conveyance, creative downspout disconnection, and pervious paving are among the innovative green strategies used. Subsequent to the conceptual plan, Nevue Ngan Associates completed construction documentation for the build-out of three blocks: the Urban Center Plaza, the Smith Memorial Student Union / Cramer Hall, and the PSU Science Center.