Urban Center Plaza Stormwater Retrofit

Portland, Oregon

Portland State University's Urban Center Plaza is the second downtown Portland block to undergo a retrofit under the SW Montgomery Green Street Concept Plan. Nevue Ngan Associates was invited by Portland State University to create several design alternatives that maximized stormwater management and also retained the spirit, programming, and design details of the original plaza space.  The rebuilt plaza now features a series of stormwater planters strategically placed next to the original fountains to reinforce the "stormwater spine" main element of the Concept Plan. Runoff, approximately 8,000 square feet, is captured from the plaza and adjacent sidewalks and is conveyed through a series of trench drains into the stormwater facilities. A visual showcase, the stormwater cascades from planter to planter through metal weirs and granite rills. The Urban Center Plaza, a premiere plaza space, now exemplifies sustainable practices with a delightful display of water, plant life and paving.